Committed to displaying your excellence

Founded in 2010, MediaHunter Public Relations & Branding came from a genuine desire to see brands built well. With over 15 years of media relations, branding and marketing experience, we generate and cultivate the exposure that clients need to create a viable brand in their desired area.

We at MediaHunterPR pride ourselves in providing our clients with first class service and representation when comes to marketing, publicity, and branding. With a vast network of media outlets at our fingertips and a custom-tailored campaign for each individual client we are able to provide our clients with a multitude of exposure.  

We believe that every client can be a brand and every brand can be viable if the work is done well. We provide our clients with the tools in order to be successful in developing their brand.

We gain everything from local to national exposure for our clients. We pride ourselves in keeping excellent relationships that lead to excellent results. 

Why you should work with us:
“Think big and play big”. It is our firm belief that dreaming big is the key to greatness. It’s with this mentality we take on each project and help push out clients to bring their brand to life. With over 10 years of PR experiences our talented team is committed in helping specialize your campaign to create a meaningful brand experiences.  We provide our clients with all media based public relations services, including but not limited to print, television and digital/online bookings.